Jurlique International, Urban Ecosystem design Lab
Mount Barker SA 5251

The ‘Nature Based Solution’ prototype consists in an integrated rainwater management system. The project has been funded by Jurlique International Pty Ltd and realised in the framework of its factory premises in Mt Barker. It has been realised by a group of students and researchers of the School of Architecture and Built Environment of the University of Adelaide in cooperation with Jurlique’s staff.
The prototype is inspired by the ‘Designed Experiment’ concept defined by Alexander Felson (Felson 2005).  It includes a permeable parking, a rain garden and a green façade, designed and realised by the students. The three elements are interconnected and integrated.

The Designed Experiment has been realised with the aim to be monitored in its post-implementation performances. Three parameters will be monitored: water quality, ground surface temperature and wall surface temperature. The three parameters will be then compared with equivalent measures in conventional parking surfaces and walls.
The monitoring activities will be performed from spring 2017 to spring 2018 in close cooperation with ecologists and university researchers. The findings will be scaled up to the urban ecosystem of the Adelaide region.

Felson, A. J. (2005). "Designed Experiments: New Approaches to Studying Urban Ecosystems." Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 3(10)

Many thanks to Jurlique International, in particular to Jon Westover, Yoshie Obara and Cherie Hutchinson for the support and the organization and Daniel, Ben, Mike, Dave and Andy for the realization of the prototype.

Design director and principal investigator:
Dr Elisa Palazzo, University of Adelaide

Project manager:
Dr Bruno Pelucca, University of Adelaide

HR researcher PhD candidate: Martin Larbi
Volunteering master students: Fang Huang, Ye Huang, Qilu Wang