Urban Ecosystem design Lab, Government of South Australia Department of State Development
Adelaide SA


Master students of the Urban Ecosystem design Lab, School of Architecture and Built Environment of the University of Adelaide, have been involved in a design/research work experience at the South Australia Government headquarters in Waymouth Street, Adelaide. The project, from February to June 2017, has been sponsored by the Department of State Development with the coordination of the UELab.

The project was aimed at exploring Urban Design proposals for the environmental and socio-economic regeneration of two areas in the Northern Adelaide region: Port Adelaide and Elizabeth.

The two proposals were focusing on the space-economic transformation of the region and responding to the following research question: How can adaptation to environmental and economic change can become a driver of development opportunities and urban space regeneration?

The research/design work focused economic, environmental and socio-cultural themes such as:
- Energy transition and urban space transformations
- City resilience and water management
- Urban proximity and accessibility, sustainable and slow mobility, innovative urban transports
- Underused, decommissioned, polluted areas regeneration
- The relation between natural conservation areas and productive areas
- Cultural heritage within sustainable development

The project proposals were displayed during a public installation in April at the flour shed in Hart’s Mill, Port Adelaide, and have been presented to the state and local government experts in two official events on the 29th of June and 19th of July 2017.





The project was sponsored by the Government of South Australia Department of State Development.
Thanks to the contribution of Mr Steve Ludlam, Ms Georgette Elston, Ms Lana Blazujevic, Mr Vince Tripodi, Mr Reece Kinnane, Mr Dani Llewellyn,
the support of Port Adelaide-Enfield Council, City of Playford and Renewal SA and the participation of ODASA.

Project Director:
Dr Elisa Palazzo

Project Manager:
Lana Blazujevic (DSD)

UELab designers:
Paul Bartsch and Aiden Moon (team leaders) with Thomas Hall, Charles Tindley, James Frolow, Zac Papas

Concepts and design developed in the framework of the UELab. All right reserved.