On 6 February 2017 a group of students of the Urban Ecosystem design Lab, School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Adelaide, started an internship experience at the South Australian Government Department of State Development (DSD) in Waymouth Street, Adelaide. The team is directed by Dr Elisa Palazzo and supervised in collaboration with DSD, Renewal SA and the Office for Design and Architecture South Australia (ODASA), the Port Adelaide Enfield Council and the City of Playford.
The scope of the project is to develop Urban Design proposals for the environmental and economic regeneration of two areas in the Northern Adelaide region: Port Adelaide and Elizabeth.

The project is sponsored and supported by the South Australian State and Local Governments:
Georgette Elston, Director, Policy and Economic Transformation Projects, Department of State Development
Rebecca Martin, Planning Manager (Port and Woodville West), Renewal SA
Simon Lee, Landscape Architect, Office for Design and Architecture SA
Port Adelaide Enfield Council
City of Playford

Project Director: Dr Elisa Palazzo
Project Managers: Lana Blazujevic, Aiden Moon
Project Designers: Paul Bartsch, James Frolow, Thomas Hall, Charles Tindley, Zac Papas