The use of 3D technologies for photography and visualisation is quite established as a tool to imagine indoor spaces. But what about our urban environment? Can we apply some of these technologies to re-imagine and represent new forms of urban open spaces? Is Augmented Reality a possible mean to convey and disseminate innovative ideas and discuss them with different urban actors? Can it become a new effective negotiation tool to define shared urban scenarios?

The URBAN ECOSYSTEM DESIGN LAB of the School of Architecture and Built Environment has recently refined a methodology to apply the current technique of photo-montage to 3D AUGMENTED REALITY representations.
The work in display is a sample of broader research project on re-imagining the urban landscapes of the Port Adelaide River and was displayed at Hart’s Mill in April 2017. The project, involving students of the first year of our master program, was funded by the South Australia Department of State Development and Renewal SA.

The work will be displayed during the University of Adelaide Open Day on Sunday the 20th of August from 10am to 3pm, at the Central Hub Mezzanine, North Terrace Campus, Adelaide SA.

More info about the UEL’s AUGMENTED REALITY on

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